Lego Overwatch: Is that it?

We live in a time where there are venn diagrams crossing all kinds of our interests these days. You only gave to pop into an HMV to find novelisation prequels focusing on classic Disney villains, Funko Pops based on any character under the sun and Lego doing pretty much the same thing also.

Like any self respecting 30 year old man, I enjoy a bit of Lego, and anyone who has spent any time reading my stuff also knows I am actively still a fan of Overwatch. The cross over of which has been no big secret amongst fans of either property for a while now. However certain it was to happen though, I was always a little doubtful as how Lego could really capture Overwatch in a set.

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It’s not a great time to be playing Tank in Overwatch

With the release of Destiny: Forsaken and Forza Horizon 4 I had some time away from Overwatch. That being said, I didn’t stray too far away from the community, because I need some venomous negativity in my life to help me sleep at night.

Hot off the back of the latest Torborn rework, one of the more common verbal tantrums I saw detailed that with, yet one more, DPS getting a boost, tanks are becoming even less appealing to play than ever before. The thing that shocked me the most about this, I found myself agreeing.

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Check out my Guest Post about Overwatch’s Torbjörn Rework on MonkeyBubbles

The nice people at Monkey Bubbles approached me and asked if I could write some things for them and their little Overwatch community. Naturally I was flattered and wrote up a piece detailing my thoughts on the recent Torbjörn in Overwatch. Specifically, I have thoughts about how his new Molten Core Ultimate ability could change the dynamic of the meta with yet another ability focusing on area denial rather than pure damage dealing.

If you find the time, do me and them a favour by heading over to and check their site out.

Or to specifically read the post I wrote, then click this link right here.

Thanks everyone.