Game Pass: The Gift that keeps on Giving – Indivisible

It’s increasingly rare that a video game I know next to nothing about will just pop out of nowhere and steal a few weeks of my life away from me. That’s probably a good thing considering how bad I’ve become at keeping a schedule on this website. But thanks to Xbox Game Pass; the gift that keeps on giving, I stumbled upon a game from Lab Zero Games that grabbed me up and kept my interest: Indivisible.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 81: School Festival

My Hero does the slice of life I enjoy better than nearly any other shonen show I can think of. As we enter the perpetration for the much talked about school festival, we’re introduced to a new villain who seems to be intent on gatecrashing this school event, with all the flair and drama befitting a man called Gentle Criminal.

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The Sonic The Hedgehog movie is a kid’s movie first and a Sonic movie second

I’m probably more surprised than anyone that I actually went to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Having very loudly dusted my hands of the entire franchise more than once, but low and behold, I found myself with a day off and trying to decide whether to go and see Birds of Prey, 1917 and one other movie. So of course I got to see this damned one.

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