Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 33: Best of Frienemies

Season three ended on such a big cliff-hanger, I’m kind of shocked it took us to the final four episodes of season four to actually return to that story thread. These first two episodes begin the slow and surprising redemption of Asajj Ventress, something I never knew I really wanted until it started happening.

I’ve said before, I love a good redemption story. And this story is as ripe for pushing those buttons as a good guy turn could ever be.

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How Doom Eternal misses the point

I’ve been trying to catch up on older games from earlier in the year, all in an ineffectual attempt to round out my upcoming best of year that has become an annual tradition/burden on this blog. The problem is that almost all of the games worth talking about are coming out in a final couple of months of the year, barely giving me enough time to look at them.

Not helped by the fact that some of that time has been spent going back and playing games I’ve missed from earlier in the year that’ll probably end up not on the list anyway. Like Doom Eternal for example.

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Moriarty The Patriot and the Importance of the Rival

Of all the anime I’ve been watching this season, there’s only one that has really intrigued me. Which is rather fitting considering that intrigue is the name of the game when it comes to Moriarty the Patriot. Despite enjoying watching the first five episodes, it still felt like there was something missing. Moriarty had quickly been painted as this near omnipotent mastermind, but there’s only so long he can be on top before things become stale.

He needed someone to challenge him, someone to rival him.

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