Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 74: Vegeta vs. Granolah

You just gotta love when a major upcoming moment in a story just gets leaked all over the internet. The potential for clicks and clout is just too enticing not to fill social media with a ton of pictures of spoilers, so much so that avoiding it was utterly unavoidable. I got spoiled on this one before I even knew what I was looking at.

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m not too enthusiastic about the design of this new form on display during the ending of this chapter.

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3 Episode Rule – Peach Boy Riverside

I had a bit of a difficult time picking out shows to watch this season. In the past I would have just gone onto my streaming subs and just pick a handful of shows that caught my eye. This past few seasons I’ve started to be a little bit more discerning and doing a little research on what’s coming up. Which kind of feels like it’s missing the point of this whole blog series.

Either way, nobody is really raving about any of the original series airing this Summer Season. So I feel like it’s down to my own questionable taste to actually dig through this mountain of Isekai and find something actually worth keeping up with.

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My Top Ten Video Game Highlights from E3 2021

I know this is incredibly, credibly late. But I’ve been busy… and lacking in motivation… I still wanted to talk about E3 in some capacity this year. Or whatever it was that passed for the “Electronic Entertainment Experience” that happened exclusively online in 2021.

I’m not as “on the pulse” with game development as I used to be, I’m hardly managing to find time/money to play the games I want to play at the moment without worrying about what’s coming out in the next 24 months. But my jaded old bones are still capable of feeling some excitement and there were some games revealed at the event.

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