Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2019 – #9

I certainty watched a lot more anime this year than I have done in the past. The downside to that is that I have also seen a lot more bad anime in pursuit of broadening what I’m consuming. Introducing my 3 Episode Rule series has been a good excuse to watch something I haven’t seen before and then think about it somewhat critically.

Today’s entry is certainly not something it would have taken much arguing for me to start watching though, falling into some pretty familiar territory based on my watching history.

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Wooderon’s Favourite Video Games of 2019 – #10

The talk on the street leading up to the end of 2019 is that it’s been a pretty weak year for video games. Personally, I feel like this is a pretty ridiculous statement. Whilst compiling this list, I ended up with a shortlist of about 14 games I really enjoyed, as well as six or seven games I was really bummed out I could never get around to. And I’m sure at least two of those would have snuck onto the list also.

It ends up being the same story as least year for me, only cranked up another level. Moving out on my own, as well as starting a new job, I’ve had way less money and time to purchase and play all of the games I was interested in playing this year. That, plus live games like Destiny and Overwatch continued to carve out a significant chunk of my time, as the number of live games I like continues to grow.

I can only list what I’ve played though, and I’m sure that once I catch up, this list might change. As with my anime list, this top ten is not one of quality or craftsmanship, rather it’s a list of the games that meant the most to me this year on a personal level, either through pure enjoyment or whatever other reason I blather on about on the day:

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Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2019 – #10

Last year, writing a top ten anime list was kind of a last minute affair. I’d really started getting back into anime for the first time in a decade and wanted to celebrate the shows I’d been watching. The problem was, unlike video games, which have a pretty well accepted release date, anime was a big more flexible in terms of assigning it a particular year.

This year, I feel like I’ve got a better plan in place. For the purposes of this top ten list, my very loose rule of thumb is that, to qualify the anime in question needs to have ended it’s run in 2019. I’m sure there will be an exception or two to this rule, but what are rule for but not to be broken.

Also, because I feel like this always needs to be stated before any of these lists: but this isn’t a list of anime I feel are the best made or critically great, rather it’s as the title suggests: they’re the shows that I enjoyed the most and meant the most to be personally for whatever reasons I give in the words that follow.

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