Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 49: The Spice of Life

These four episodes of the Clone War’s final season almost seemed like they could have been bundled up and repackaged as their own little movie. For the most part, this seemed like a story unfamiliar to the majority of how Clone Wars operated, as that focused mainly on being an anthology.

After six years of fans wondering what happened to Ahsoka shortly following the events of her departure from the Jedi Order, this story reveals how she started to make her first steps into a life beyond the cult.

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The Falcon and the Winter Solider is off to a slow start

Back before all this pandemic nonsense threw everything we know and hold hear into utter disarray, there was a very different version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe planned for us. There is an alternate reality in which we have already seen both Black Widow and The Eternals at cinemas and it wasn’t Wandavision that kicked off the MCU’s foray into the world of premium television, but this series.

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WandaVision – The most unlikely gateway into the MCU

The MCU is all upside-down and inside out at the moment. Both within it’s ongoing story and outside of it. As the original plan was for both Black Widow and Falcon and Winter Soldier to come out before WandaVision. But Covid went and flipped everything around, thus WandaVision became the first entry in a particularly packed Phase 4 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All this changing around kind of goes hand in hand with the reality-bending mind-WTFery of Wanda Maximoff and what she gets up to throughout this series. A series I am super shocked to hear about a large number of people in my social circle enjoying, despite the fact that they traditionally couldn’t give two craps about the MCU.

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