About Wooderon

My name is Richard “Wooderon” Wood and welcome to my blog about all things nerdy. Although at the moment it’s mostly Video Games, Anime and Star Wars.

Hailing from England in the U.K. I spend most of my time sleeping off a night shift or anxious about whatever I’m going to write next for this blog. I used to be a student of Print Journalism, but realised it wasn’t for me a little too late.

I still love writing though and this blog is a mental health saving creative outlet for me. If you want a more comprehensive look through my writing “career”, I’d suggest checking out this long-ass post right here.

My current major projects on the site are going back and watching all of the Star Wars: Clone Wars I missed while it was on, as well as watching and reviewing seasonal anime in my 3 Episode Rule series.

Also I’ll throw some occasional thought pieces out there on video games and movies. The later of which has become increasingly difficult as the Covid Pandemic has slowed the movie industry to a crawl.

I also spend time distraught about just how toxic a place the internet has become this past few years. But I built my house here, and I’m just going to have to deal with it.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter; where I’m also Wooderon and Instagram; where I post far less frequently and am richs_real_snaps. Also, I’m on Untappd as Wooderon, so maybe follow me there too. It is technically a social media app. For alchys like myself.

Or comment on here if you want to know anything else. I’m an open book and would welcome the social interaction.

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