MCU Rewatch – Black Panther is the least interesting part of his own movie

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Something that never occurred to me the first time I watched Black Panther was how similar it was in so many ways to the first Thor movie from way back when. There were so many big introductions to the MCU within this movie that the parallels between the two stories was completely lost on me.

When I spoke about the first Thor as a part of this series, I was somewhat critical of it not really holding up. In many ways, this movie seems like it’s taking that story and just doing it better. Which shouldn’t be taken as belittlement of Black Panther in any way, because it does plenty different that more than makes up for the shortcomings of the movie I feel like it was maybe trying to make up for. Continue reading “MCU Rewatch – Black Panther is the least interesting part of his own movie”

2020 Winter Anime Season Roundup

This post is probably going to be a bit briefer than the one I wrote for last season. Mostly because I’ve been a little better about actually following up on the seasonal anime series I’ve been watching here on my blog. Helped by the fact that I seem to have managed to find a bit of a groove again when it comes to a weekly upload schedule.

As we’re already starting the Spring season, and I’ve not watched anything yet except Digimon, I’ll just follow up all the shows mentioned in the Winter 3 Episode Rule series and link to any and all relevant articles I’ve already written on that show. Here’s a link to all of my impressions of the series I tried and which ones I kept on top of.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 88: His Start – Season 4 Finale

While I don’t share the share the feelings I’ve read people online having that My Hero Academia has been on a steady decline since the second season, I feel it really took a while for me to connect to what was happening during this 4th season, and for it to find its feet. By the time it was over though, I was fully back under the series’s spell and looking forward to whatever might come next for the kids of U.A.

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