Returning to Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Mass Effect 2

I Forgot how long this game is.

It’s kind of strange. Despite how much I hail Mass Effect 2 as one of the most important video games in my life, it found its way to the top of my “most important video games of the decade” list, it’s possible that it might be a video game that I’ve played too much. Which was the thought that kept entering my brain during the later 20 hours of working through this incredible thing.

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Ranking the Pokémon Generations from worst to best

Based on a comment I made in my post berating Pokémon Platinum not so recently, I couldn’t get thought out of my head of actually ranking and talking about each of the Pokémon generations as a whole and ranking them due to my own personal taste and nostalgia. It might seem a bit clickbaity, but I don’t care, I really do get a kick out of writing these kinds of posts when it comes to Pokémon.

And when I get the bug to dip back into the franchise again after taking a break, it’s difficult to keep pretty much anything else out of my brain.

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I praise and complain about The New Pokémon Snap

The latest in what feels like the miraculous return of long dead video game franchises; Pokémon snap makes its shock return to the Nintendo Switch in the imaginatively titled New Pokémon Snap. The first game on N64 was one of those games I played to absolute death as a young kid. So the idea of coming to a brand new entry in the series over 20 years later is kind of bizarre to me.

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