Is a DC Cinematic multiverse the path forward?

After that DC Fandome event a few weeks back, I ended up having a bunch of ideas come from it. This is the last one of them. Something I feel like I’ve mentioned a number of times before in the previous handful of posts focusing on the DC movie universe. While DC put so much time and effort into trying to emulate the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success, they might have stumbled into a better solution for them. 

A Cinematic Multiverse.

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Some more things Pokemon could learn from Digimon World: Next Order

When I started comparing Digimon World: Next Order to the Pokemon franchise last week, I had six points I wanted to cover. But in my personal time-worn tradition, I realised I was halfway through my list and the length had already ballooned up once again. They say less is more, but that seems to be a lesson I’ve struggled to take to heart when it comes to my writing.

I finally got my obsessive brain off Digimon World this past week, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not thinking about it. And here’s the fruits of this obsession.

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Is making Superman into a villain a sign of our increasing xenophobia?

I was talking about the DC Fandome last week and the new Batman movie that got announced during it. At which point I made a comment about how writers seemed to want to treat Superman like some terrifying, angry God more and more rather than the symbol of peace and justice he once was.

And then it got me thinking, are we really becoming so afraid of people like Superman? Not deity-like aliens, but selfless, honest people who only want to do good? We certainly don’t revere them the same way as we used to in our media.

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