Horizon: Forbidden West – Is Franchising ruining good stories?

This is a reoccurring theme on this blog now; I’m poor as shit. Both financially poor and time poor. Thus I’ve had to become much more selective about which video games I spend my time and my money on. Especially now they are starting at £70 as a minimum.

Which is why I take much more of a wait and see approach to major AAA titles. Like Horizon: Forbidden West for example. The first game in the franchise was one I loved, telling a super unique story full of mystery, compelling characters and settings. While the gameplay was something of a turnoff for some people, the question behind the nature of the world drove many people to see it through to the end, myself included.

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My Take on the Discourse with Elden Ring

Everyone is talking about Elden Ring. Well, it might be more apt to say everyone is either creaming their jeans over Elden Rings or arguing about it. Despite overwhelming praise from mainstream reviewers, I still find myself unsure what to think about the game and whether I should finally dip my feet into the “SoulsBorne” pool with this game being the body of acid that burn them off.

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Is Nintendo lagging behind in 2021?

Like practically everyone else in the world, I’m playing Metroid Dread right now. At least, that’s what my specifically catered collection of people I follow on Twitter leads me to believe anyway. And whilst happily playing away I had the intrusive thought: It’s not exactly been a banger year for Nintendo has it.

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