Wooderon’s Favourite Video Games of 2021 – #1: Metroid Dread

Here we are, the final entry of me talking about video games in 2021. But by far no the final post of lists I plan on writing this year. I kind of felt like this year was a tough one to pick a top ten for. Mostly because, as I’ve already said a few times, the games I most enjoyed this year were actually games that didn’t come out in this calendar year.

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My Thoughts on: Metroid Dread and the game’s ending

Metroid is just one more of the examples of why Nintendo is such a peculiar company. Despite the series’s substantial popularity in the west, and it having enough value to be one of the longstanding representatives of a franchise like Super Smash Bros. Nintendo themselves don’t seem to have that much of a vested interest in doing a whole lot with the Metroid franchise. Which I suppose has been something of a mixed blessing for the storied, yet spaced out adventures of Samus Aran.

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Is Nintendo lagging behind in 2021?

Like practically everyone else in the world, I’m playing Metroid Dread right now. At least, that’s what my specifically catered collection of people I follow on Twitter leads me to believe anyway. And whilst happily playing away I had the intrusive thought: It’s not exactly been a banger year for Nintendo has it.

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