What the hell was The God of High School Episode 4?

I never intended to write episodic reviews of any of the shows I’m watching this season, but after seeing episode four of God of High School, I couldn’t help myself but come on here and comment on what a weird, out of left field episode this ended up being. So I feel like this post is going to descend into more of a rant than proper review. So if you adored “marriage/bonds” for some reason, prepare to be triggered.

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I should be happy Football’s coming back, but all I can see are the negatives

Here in England, we’re on the cusp of the football season coming back and beating its way to a hasty conclusion. In our time apart, it’s given me a bit of time to think about my relationship with sport, and more specifically the culture that surrounds it. The big realisation I’ve made is that there’s is a big chunk of sport culture that I really just don’t like being around.

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We Never Learn – Harem endings are for cowards

I’ve made this confession once before, but I’ll go ahead and make it again; towards the end of last year while writing my top ten anime of the year list. Ever since the first season of Kaguya Sama: Love is War ended and I needed to know what was going to happen; I fell into a deep manga hole. One I’d say I am comfortably circling the rim of these days.

It’s strange though, despite my childlike attraction to all of these action shows when watching anime, when it comes to Manga, I’m almost exclusively drawn to comedy, romance and whatever you call that weird combination of the two.

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