2020 Spring Anime Season Roundup

I’d like to make the excuse that there wasn’t much going on this season due to lockdown and shows getting put on hiatus for a few months as a result. But if I’m being honest, there was a ton of anime out there to watch in reality, I just didn’t make the usual effort to go and try some different things like I had been doing the seasons previous.

That’s on me I guess. Then again, taking a breather for a month might not have been the worst thing. All I feel embarrassed about is how short this post is going to end up being as a result. But it’s all that Clone War’s fault.

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Tower of God – Episode 13: Tower of God – Series Finale

I had initially thought last week’s episode would have been an amazing cliffhanger to end the series on. At which point I found myself wondering what this 13th episode could possibly provide to follow those events and still end the series on a point where you’d be thirsty for more.

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Tower of God – Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

Things are going poorly for pretty much everyone right off the bat in this second part. Endorsi being forced to kill Anak, and the team above ground getting overwhelmed by the goblins. All while Bam is non the wiser stuck under the water. In this strictly regulated and highly controlled test environment, what could possibly tip the scales in our heroes favour.

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