3 Episode Rule – If it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord

As a part of this series, I’ve been watching things wouldn’t have gone near in the past. And when a show’s title is indistinguishable from a brief review of the series, I’d generally wave my hand at it dismissively. But this is the summer me giving everything a shot, so today I talk about “if it’s for my daughter, I’d even defeat a demon lord.”

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3 Episode Rule – Are You Lost?

As a part of the continuing journey to cram as much anime into my brain as possible, I’ve been watching as many new shows of this summer season as I’ve been able to lay eyes on. My goal; to use the general rule of thumb in that you can usually tell if a show it worth pursuing after watching just the first three episodes. This time, I look at Sōnan desu ka? called Are You Lost? on streaming services.

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3 Episode Rule – Magical Sempai

As a part of my ongoing endeavour to consume more and different kinds of anime instead of spending money on watching sport or other streaming services, I have started this little series in which I have picked a bunch of new anime for this summer season and decide which ones I should continue watching based on their first three episodes. As is the rule of thumb to how I understand it.

This part I’ll be looking at Magical Sempai, because a show that consistently gives you an eyeful.

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