Season 2 of One Punch Man already feels like a product of begrudging obligation

It’s kind of bittersweet. The first series of One Punch Man was go damn good. From it’s ridiculous premise, to it’s atypical hero to its mesmerising animation right to it’s absolute banger of an opening song which still finds its way into my rotation now. After literal years of waiting for a season 2 to drop… why you be dis way?

Coming right off the back of a phenomenal second season of Mob Psycho 100, it’s even more jarring to see the second season of the anime that got the writer of both properties into being a household name (Well, in my household at the very least) just nosedive.

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Mob Psycho 100 Still turns out great after its sudden turn

In pretty recent memory, I spent a significant portion of white space writing about connections between people and how they strengthen us as people. Well, I’d like to make a classy transition between that and talking about the second season of Mob Psycho 100. But let’s be real: that’s what all anime is about.

From Dragon Ball Z to Naruto and My Hero Academia, all of the best Shonen shows focus one one major thing; the main character kicking ass using varying degrees of the power of friendship to do it. Never before though have I seen a show take it’s primary character’s desire for personal growth over a desire for their growth of power.

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Luke Cage: What is a “Hero”

Despite its problems, the first season of Luke Cage had its own strongly defined identity, as well as a really great cast to carry it. Where it let itself down was in its second half, losing its more compelling villain in favour of a more cliche and less interesting villain from Luke’s past. This was followed by Iron fist and a rather uninspired crossover series in The Defenders. After that three-pronged attack, needless to say I had some apprehension about Luke Cage Season 2.

Luke Cage: What is a Hero

My worries were unfounded, much to my delight. The post Defenders series appearing on the Netflix have been firing on all cylinders, reminding me my appreciation of them when they first started. The Punisher was brilliant, Jessica Jones’s second season was another fascinating look into her character, and this season of Luke Cage just keeps that momentum going.

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