How Doom Eternal misses the point

I’ve been trying to catch up on older games from earlier in the year, all in an ineffectual attempt to round out my upcoming best of year that has become an annual tradition/burden on this blog. The problem is that almost all of the games worth talking about are coming out in a final couple of months of the year, barely giving me enough time to look at them.

Not helped by the fact that some of that time has been spent going back and playing games I’ve missed from earlier in the year that’ll probably end up not on the list anyway. Like Doom Eternal for example.

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Jujutsu Kaisen – Episode 8 Review: Boredom

While I’d tentatively call this episode a part of a training arc, most of the actual training seems to be happening off-screen. Everyone’s there, in their tracksuits getting stronger, but we’re yet to see them really learning anything. Well, except for Itadoi watching anime Lord of the Rings that is.

I’m a real sucker for when a show digs deep into its power system and really gets into each individual character’s capabilities and limits. Jujutsu Kaisen isn’t really doing that. It seems to be taking more of a “we’ll do it live” approach. Which is fine for those surprising/hype moments in fights later on. But, to me, a little context goes a long way towards how much excitement I feel over a particular fight.

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The Mandalorian Season 2 Review – Episode 4: The Siege

I knew we wouldn’t be getting to Ahsoka right away. They’re always going to hold that reveal off for as long as they possibly can. So, what we get here feels like something of a transitional episode. In it; Din Djarin and the Child return to Nevarro and catch up with some of our favourite characters from season 1.

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