Demon Slayer: Episode 12 – The Boar Bares Its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps

I was very down on Zenitsu last week. His extended periods of freaking out being a major focus of the episode. I did, however, end things on a hopeful note. Saying that a character such as him did have more potential to turn himself around in the future, getting a much bigger growth arc than even Tanjiro could hope for.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 49: Outer Space Battle

This is a fun, action packed chapter that mostly provides us with some thrilling battles from a collection of characters we haven’t really seen fighting before, but doesn’t do anything to progress the story at all.

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Void Bastards – What is a Roguelike?

Making video games is hard, time consuming (and sometimes thankless) work. Now, more so than ever. Smaller scale, indie developers are in an especially tricky place, expected to make games of a comparable scale to AAA titles, with a fraction of a fraction of the resources. In these cases, the idea of making a “Roguelike” seems like the perfect cheat to get around this.

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