Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 52: Goku and Vegeta’s Training

Throughout this whole arc, Meerus has been a point of contention for me. With this chapter, my various suspicions of him are starting to take form. It’s not just Meerus though, within this chapter sees further development of our main cast in the build up to the final confrontation with Moro which now seems to be coming over the distant horizon.

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Demon Slayer – Episode 26: New Mission – Season Finale

I’ve been impressed by the visuals of Demon Slayer on repeated instances at this point, but for the season finale it really seemed like the studio wanted to go out with a bang. That, this is the longest stint of the show without any action in it, so we need to end with some kind of high octane thrill ride.

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Demon Slayer – Episode 25: Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri

Apologies for the lateness of this one, changes to my work patterns have made finding times to write a little more difficult these past few weeks.

The mini-training arc continues, and Tanjrio ruins the sleep schedule of three young girls in order to do it. It’s a good thing they’re falling over one another to help him out. This might be the slowest pace episode of the entire series so far, which mostly deals with telling the backstory of Shinobu’s apprentice; Kanao.

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