Tower of God – Episode 7: Lunch and Tag

The longer this series goes on, the more I feel like I’m losing touch with reality. When I first started writing about it, I mentioned that there was some dreamlike quality to the events of the first episode. After pulling back on that assessment for a while, I’m now fully back in the mindset that I’m in some kind of fugue state and barely keeping together in my head what’s going on in Tower of God. Continue reading “Tower of God – Episode 7: Lunch and Tag”

Tower of God – Episode 6: Position Selection

Before this episode, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into what Rachel’s deal was. I assumed something had happened in the very brief time her and Bam had been apart and that was keeping her from reconnecting with him. But after watching this episode I’m more inclined to think that maybe Rachel just wasn’t ever the person Bam thought she was.

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Tower of God – Episode 5: The Crown’s Fate

Tower of God is good at doing one thing in particualr; intriguing you to want to know more.

In my last episode review, I spent a decent amount of time making half serious complaints about how much lore and new concepts the show was throwing in our direction without fully explaining itself. Ultimately, this didn’t really matter, because the thrust of the story is about Bam. And that’s still interesting.

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