Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 76: The Fate of the Saiyans

Y’know, I was thinking this fight could go in any number of different ways. I’ll admit that an introspective teaching moment from Vegeta wasn’t one of them. When I’m around the time of reading the chapter and writing this review afterwards, I try to avoid as many opinions as I can. Especially considering how paper thin the average nuance of a Dragon Ball fan tends to be.

They generally tend to miss the entire point of the chapter when it’s actually trying to say something. Given that is the exception rather than the rule when it comes to Dragon Ball.

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What is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Every time I go to write this post, some new news one the movie comes out and invalidates a lot of what I was planning on saying about the upcoming new Dragon Ball Super movie. As you’d expect, the fandom’s range of hot takes on the subject run the whole gamut from being insightful to boiling and stinky. But the fact remains that the existence of this movie still has a lot of question marks hanging above it considering the recent track record in the franchise.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 74: Vegeta vs. Granolah

You just gotta love when a major upcoming moment in a story just gets leaked all over the internet. The potential for clicks and clout is just too enticing not to fill social media with a ton of pictures of spoilers, so much so that avoiding it was utterly unavoidable. I got spoiled on this one before I even knew what I was looking at.

Maybe that’s part of the reason I’m not too enthusiastic about the design of this new form on display during the ending of this chapter.

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