Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 72: Saiyans and Cerealian

The manipulations continue with this chapter as the Heeters plan to put the famous Goku and Vegeta on a collision course with the newly self proclaimed “strongest in the universe” in order to remove him from the equation. Although that declaration alone would have been enough to draw Goku and Vegeta toward him eventually even without the Heeter’s meddling.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 71: The Heeters’ Plan

I’ve seen some of the discourse on this story arc complaining about Granolah and how he just got his powers from nowhere and such. But at this point I feel like people will complain about anything, and for some reason it all just bubbles to the top. Personally, I’ve this arc to be something of a slower burn so far and I appreciate it for that. Putting us into fight after fighter after fight throughout an arc can get somewhat exhausting.

Although I get the impression we might be approaching that stage very soon either way.

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Why I love Stupid Anime Characters

This is an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while. Spurred into life thanks to a not so recent discussion from Karandi of 100 Word anime talking about smart characters in anime, with some assistance from my recent watching of season 2 of Dr. Stone.

While we all love to see smart people doing smart things in anime, there’s something just as charming and appealing about the smooth brained antithesis of characters like Senku that makes us love them just as much.

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