Does Being a Saiyan really Ruin Goku?

I know I’ve fallen behind when it comes to talking about the most recent chapters of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. But in all honestly, it’s because there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. It’s just been a whole lot of fighting, mixed in with a sort of confused jumping around of the focus character between the three leads of the arc: Granolah, Vegeta and Goku.

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The Hunters Guild: Red Hood and getting Meta when you get the Axe

A while back, I signed myself up for a Viz subscription so that I could go back and read the My Hero Academia Manga from the beginning. In the time since then, I’ve kind of just not bothered to cancel it, so I’ve found myself reading a few other new manga that have been getting published on there.

Helping me discover series like Kaiju No. 8 and Hunter’s Guild: Red Hood, the latter of which recently got the dropped by Shonen Jump. Something I never actually realised until I saw a big old “The End” label at the end of the last chapter.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 77: Bardock, Father of Goku

It’s time for some exposition! After all these months of fighting, a little change of pace is welcome. To be truthful though, I’m not sure I would have ever guessed where this story would end up going. Flashing us back to the past and revealing that all of our heroes and villains are much more connected to one another than we first thought.

But hey, Bardock gets his very own chapter in the manga. The old guy has been a fan favourite for so long, nice to see him get some love in an official source. Well, outside of the briefest of snippets he got in the Broly movie. Although not everyone might be too pleased with the direction this one is going with his character.

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