Does Being a Saiyan really Ruin Goku?

I know I’ve fallen behind when it comes to talking about the most recent chapters of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. But in all honestly, it’s because there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. It’s just been a whole lot of fighting, mixed in with a sort of confused jumping around of the focus character between the three leads of the arc: Granolah, Vegeta and Goku.

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Why can’t y’all just let people enjoy things?

I’m a bit behind on my Demon Slayer reviews here, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still watching the show. If anything, Sundays have been something of  a highlight of my week with new episodes of both it and Attack on Titan airing on the same day. So why is there some corner of the internet that needs to drag everyone else down? 

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All Isekai needs to start like The Faraway Paladin

Anyone following my personal story arc on here will know I am not the biggest fan of Isekai. The latest twist in the tale being me trying not to lump all Isekai in the same basket and learn that it isn’t the concept itself that I have a problem with, but what generally comes along with it.

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