Playing Dragon Ball Fusions to say goodbye to the Nintendo 3DS

In the wake of Nintendo’s announcement that the 3DS is being retired, I had thought to start writing a post that was my farewell to the 3DS. Looking back though, for the significant library the device had, it was still overwhelmingly a Pokémon machine. In amongst those 1000+ hours I spent collectively on the Pokémon franchise, there was one other underappreciated gem in my most played games that I ended up revisiting.

One that stands out amongst many, many terrible games within the franchise as one of the best. One that richly deserves a sequel.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 62: Edge of Defeat

Did I mention that really don’t like Moro’s new design. I read someone complaining about him a while back, saying that as he got younger, he got less interesting looking. Well, none of us were expecting him to absorb Seven Three and turn into yet one more major Dragon Ball antagonist who looks like Perfect Cell, but we should all honestly be slapping ourselves on the forehead about that at this point.

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My Seven Deadly Sins in Anime

I don’t know where this idea came from, I just know it’s been knocking around in my drafts folder for a long time without me actually going and writing it. The idea, inspired by the numerous blog tags that have been floating around the anime blogging community, is to have a go at assigning each of the biblical seven deadly sins with characters and their actions throughout the shows I’ve seen.

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