Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 58: Son Goku Arrives

Well, I guess my grand predictions about how this arc was going to play out has hit a little bit of a speed bump right from the get go. But hey, at least things aren’t playing out in a totally predicable manner. For now through, the core of my prediction remains intact. So let’s dig into chapter 58.

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The Blogger’s Pain: To be Fast or to be Right

I’ve been struggling with my blog a little these past few months. The changes in my life during this span of time, both at work and at home, have made it much more difficult for me to find the time and the enthusiasm to write as much as I used to. Especially when I spend most of my waking moments half drunk or totally exhausted.

If I had to pluck a silver lining out of this whole situation; it’d be that the thing I’m about to write about has become something of a non-issue for me. But I’m still going to write about it anyway, because on occasion I look back at something I’ve written and kind of wish I’d just held fire.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 57: Battles Abound

I’m starting to think Toyataro might not like Krillin. Since I’ve been reading the Super Manga, he seems to be getting worse treatment than Yamcha, whose entire purpose these days is being the butt of the jokes, I guess he did do something pretty useful though this time. This chapter details the turning point where things inevitably start to go against our fighters. Shockingly, Moro himself is yet to lift a finger.

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