Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 47 Review: Stolen Dragon Balls

The madmen went and did it, something I would have never expected to see: They made Majin Buu relevant again.

When this arc started, with Goku and Vegeta joining the Galactic Patrol, I thought there was going to be more of a planet hopping aspect to the story, but as it turns out, we’re going to be spending a bit more time on Namek.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 45: “Moro’s Magic” – Snack ‘O Planet

The battle continues with Moro, and the more we learn some more about how this villain works, the more I am starting the think the flipping of release schedules of both the anime and the manga might be the best thing to happen for the series since its revival.

In the last part, the emaciated warlock Moro had made his way to Namek with intent to use and abuse both it and its Dragon Balls, only to be intercepted by both Vegeta and Goku. Vegeta took the first shot at fighting Moro, so obviously is was going to job out at some point.

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A New Beginning – Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 42

I wasn’t going to talk about Dragon Ball again this soon after spending a full week talking about GT, but I just caught the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga and felt compelled to say something about it. Especially considering it begins to delve into new story lines after the Broly movie. I don’t want to be in danger of purely being a Dragon Ball blogger, but hey, write about what you love.

A New Beginning - Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 42

Previously, I spoke about how I feel the manga’s version of the Tournament of Power story arc lacked the intensity, the drama or the pure hype of the anime, despite actually being a better told version of events from a storytelling perspective.

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