Anime 3 Episode Rule – Summer 2020: Monster Girl Doctor

Maaaan. Y’know, sometimes I watch an anime and and just feel like a creep for doing so afterwards. I know of a lot of anime fans that like to joke about themselves being trash and degenerates, but it’s shows like this that actually make me feel like those comments are the kernel of truth behind those gags that make them painfully true.

You ever see Monster Musume? It’s that, but with doctors. Monster Girl Doctor is a slice of life, fantasy ecchi show. Particularly heavy on the ecchi. Dr. Glenn is a kind-hearted, diligent young human doctor who runs a small practice in a city where humans and monsters live together. Assisting him is Sapphee, a snake lady who is a Doctor herself but seems act like more of a nurse for him.

We live in a world of extreme sexual dimorphism, where the males look like the monsters than inspired them and the females are all extreme waifus. Each episode presents a new situation and patient for Dr. Glenn and his assistant to diagnose and treat. The first episode focusing on a Centaur, the second on a Mermaid and the third on a Flesh Golem. Urgh, that third one is a term I never enjoy repeating.

Anime 3 Episode Rule - Summer 2020: Monster Girl Doctor

In each of these episodes, the malady plaguing the monster girl is usually one of their own making in some part. So Dr. Glenn’s job is to not only treat the symptoms, but to also treat the source, giving them an unintentional life lesson that inevitably makes them fall in love with him in some way.

And to unintentionally make his super thirsty assistant jealous. It’d be super cute and inspirational, if not for some aspect of the patent’s treatment becoming super sexual at some point. Be it a Sapphee’s tail being jammed in a centaur’s mouth, Glenn getting right in between the flesh golem’s legs as he stitches her leg back on or an scene of him jamming his fingers deep inside a mermaid’s gills that make me laugh in how brazenly suggestive it was.

Which is the point where I am very glad nobody walked in and caught me watching this. Although writing about it on here after the fact kind makes that sense of relief null and void.

Anime 3 Episode Rule - Summer 2020: Monster Girl Doctor

Aside from that, there’s not really much else to cover with this show. For the most part, the show is cute. Taking time to show off this monster world and how pretty and well thought out it is. Introducing some very cookie cutter character archetype monster girls which feels like they’re almost completely lifted from a show like Monster Musume.

But then it gets all up in there, with the Doctor being a diligent professional in his work and manner while these monster girls all get off at their treatments and blush up a storm by the end.

Seriously though, how does a stitched together golem with no blood flow even blush?


Verdict: Watching this makes me feel kinda gross. Not in the good way.

I honestly don’t think of myself as a prude or anything, but I kind of feel like the anime adventures of James Herriot doesn’t have much to provide me outside of the uncomfortable combination of cold, clinical medicine  and a while bunch of ecchi teasing.

Honestly, I do like things about it. But when the third episode ended and the Snake Nurse revealed she was pregnant I realise that this show was just fetish bait. And I felt less bad about dropping it.

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