Dr. Stone – The Trouble with writing a show around smart character

Within a medium where so many shows focus on character’s grit and physical abilities getting them through situations, it’s difficult to plot a purely cerebral character in to that same environment. When your lead’s main power is critical thinking, showing that off while keeping it believable is strangely more difficult than with someone who can shoot jet engines out of their heels.

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To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts feels like a rushed adaptation

It’s a pretty new experience for me, to dive into reading manga based on the anime I’m watching. Some would say it’s the natural progression of an insufferable know-it-all such as myself. For the most part through, I want to avoid being that guy. Manga and Anime are very different mediums with different expectations of their pacing and storytelling style.

Quite often, the manga is going to a better version of the story because they have a more open approach to the speed at which their story is getting delivered. To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts is a manga I glanced at though and surprised at just how different it is from this season’s anime adaptation.

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Fire Force – Episode 5: The Battle Begins

At this point, I’m pretty convinced everyone in this show is totally freaking insane. I just don’t know yet whether it’s for the sake of comedy or it’s an actual plot point. It’s fun ride either way though, because things escalate pretty damned quickly in episode 5.

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