Tower of God – Episode 12: Underwater Hunt (Part Two)

Things are going poorly for pretty much everyone right off the bat in this second part. Endorsi being forced to kill Anak, and the team above ground getting overwhelmed by the goblins. All while Bam is non the wiser stuck under the water. In this strictly regulated and highly controlled test environment, what could possibly tip the scales in our heroes favour.

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When to Isekai and when not to Isekai

For someone who claims to have no interest in the Isekai genre of anime, I feel like I spend more time talking about it than I probably should. Really though, it’s just my continuing amazement at just how many totally uninspired and super generic Isekai stories keep getting green-lit when there is so much actual potential for the genre on a conceptual level.

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Tower of God – Episode 10: Beyond the Sadness

These past few weeks, I’ve been letting my personal frustrations with this series’s storytelling get in the way of the things I genuinely do enjoy about it. Episode 10 felt like a breath of fresh air in many ways, going back to basics (for the most part) and focusing on the bits of the show I like rather than the parts that make me act like an idiot.

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