Jujutsu Kaisen – Episode 8 Review: Boredom

While I’d tentatively call this episode a part of a training arc, most of the actual training seems to be happening off-screen. Everyone’s there, in their tracksuits getting stronger, but we’re yet to see them really learning anything. Well, except for Itadoi watching anime Lord of the Rings that is.

I’m a real sucker for when a show digs deep into its power system and really gets into each individual character’s capabilities and limits. Jujutsu Kaisen isn’t really doing that. It seems to be taking more of a “we’ll do it live” approach. Which is fine for those surprising/hype moments in fights later on. But, to me, a little context goes a long way towards how much excitement I feel over a particular fight.

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Jujutsu Kaisen – Episode 7 Review: Assault

I think this show is actually starting to get its teeth into me now. I had this feeling from the beginning that this was going to be one of those series that pushes all of my shonen hype buttons just right. It was always just a matter of if its characters and its story would be able to match up the its impressive animation.

With this 7th episode, I’d certainly say that it’s getting there nicely.

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Jujutsu Kaisen – Episode 6 Review: After Rain

After thinking about it some more, episode five last week actually left me kinda wanting. While it did give us a phenomenal fight scene between Sukune and Fushiguro, I still felt like the show was going a touch too fast and leaving me in the dark a little when it came to the state of the world. Episode 6 is the first one that seems to settle down a bit and start to really let this world and its characters sink in a bit.

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