Why I love Stupid Anime Characters

This is an idea that’s been rattling around in my head for a while. Spurred into life thanks to a not so recent discussion from Karandi of 100 Word anime talking about smart characters in anime, with some assistance from my recent watching of season 2 of Dr. Stone.

While we all love to see smart people doing smart things in anime, there’s something just as charming and appealing about the smooth brained antithesis of characters like Senku that makes us love them just as much.

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3 Episode Rule – Dr. Stone

If this is your first time clicking one of these, I’ll give you the quick version. In an attempt to become a better anime blogger, I’ve been watching as many different shows as I can this season, using the 3 episode rule of thumb to decide which ones are worth pursuing or not. This time, I look at the show Crunchyroll are pushing the hardest: Dr. Stone.

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