When to Isekai and when not to Isekai

For someone who claims to have no interest in the Isekai genre of anime, I feel like I spend more time talking about it than I probably should. Really though, it’s just my continuing amazement at just how many totally uninspired and super generic Isekai stories keep getting green-lit when there is so much actual potential for the genre on a conceptual level.

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My Thoughts on the 2019 Fall Anime Season

It occurs to me that I never really revised my 3 episode rule article at the end of 2019’s summer season. I kind of just forgot to follow up on those shows and how things ended up panning out with them. I had always intended to make up for that with this post, talking about the shows I ended up watching in the following season, but then the end of year happened and I had to write a bunch of top ten stuff.

Y’know what though, I wouldn’t even say this is too late, I’m still weeks away from writing Winter 3 episode rule posts, that means there’s no better time to throw some opinions out there on the internet. I mean, that’s literally what the damned thing seems to be for anyway. So here are my summarised thoughts on the shows I watched from the 2019 Fall/Autumn anime season:

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Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2019 – #4

Not to be a downer or anything, but this Christmas has kind of sucked for me. Working in retail tends to have that effect I guess though. I’m currently on my 8th day of 12 where I’m not really going to get any real rest, and I’m already exhausted. I know some of these days involve Christmas itself, but I’m going to be so busy in those days that I’m hardly going to have time to recover from my 7 days of 12 hour shifts before I go back on Boxing day.

I don’t really mean to moan on these list of what are supposed to be celebratory, but I’m just so damned tired.

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