It’s a Blog Tag! – Favourite 4 Isekai Anime

It’s been a while since I was tagged in anything like this. In fact it feels like blog tags have gone out of fashion a little in the particular corner of the internet I exist in. Not to take a jab at the extremely cool and fashionable Roki/Mallow of Solitarycubbyhole.wordpress, who has been gracious enough to tag me in one of his top four lists.

Something I’m very flattered about. Even if it’s talking about Isekai. Oof.

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The Super Happy Love Blog Award

I like doing these blog tags, it’s a nice break from the type of things I’m normally writing. I have AK from Everything is Bad for You to thank for nominating me to do this one. Especially when I’m feeling a little under the weather and not particularly driven to write anything at the moment.

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The Unpopular Opinions Film and TV Tag (East vs West Edition)

I feel kind of bad, I essentially inserted myself into the nominations when Pinkie of Pinkie’s Paradise covered this tag last week and it’s taken me this long to actually write mine in response. Maybe it hasn’t actually been that ling, but it feels like it.

The premise of this tag is to answer a bunch of questions regarding what I perceive to be an unpopular opinion. I found this tag pretty interesting conceptually for a couple of reasons. First off; there’s something weirdly appealing about watching people bucking the mainstream and having these unusual opinions on things most people see as a subjective truth.

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