Duelling Interviews – Rok of Secluded Observation

The following post is one of my greatest shames of the past few months. Rok of Solitary Observation was gracious enough to approach me to perpetrate some kind of collaboration interview. Unfortunately, he approached me in early December when I was neck-deep in my Best of Year series. A series that apparently burned me out so much that I haven’t exactly been prolific thus far in 2021.

So, I want to start this post by apologising to Rok for taking so long to get my shit together and get this post up.

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What I’ve been doing this past month

Not a whole lot to be pretty blunt about it.

Usually, when it comes to these kinds of update posts, there are a bunch of reasons about how real life got in the way. Something or other had come along and forcibly ripped the writer away from their previous work. In my case though, I really haven’t been doing anything.

After December, I was starting to feel a little burned out. I’d written so much towards the end of that year that I felt like I needed a little break at the beginning of this year. The problem with me and breaks is that I know how my brain works. A short break becomes a longer break and before I know it I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing anything. Sitting down and getting words out becomes a struggle.

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Wrestling with a Blog idea – Introverted vs Extroverted Personality types

I’ve actually had to scrap this entire post and start again several times. Y’see, when writing I have a tendency to go off on tangents, which is a big no-no apparently. It doesn’t stop me from doing it anyway though. But when it came to writing this post, the tangent consumed me and ended up becoming, like, 80% of the whole post. So I thought sod it, let’s start again.

Why am I telling you any of this? Well, it kind of goes hand in hand with the entire theme of this post, and how having trouble expressing yourself outside of your defined parameters can affect your blog, for better and for worse.

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