Sorry, No Blogs for a Couple of Days

As the title suggests, I’m not going to upload like I normally do for a couple of days. I do have some reviews half written, but these past two weeks have been rough.

Between me having to be at my regular night job a lot to cover people and a pretty nasty cold I’ve been dealing with, I’ve struggled to find the imagination and motivation to get anything finished. Well, finished in a form that wouldn’t feel rushed anyway.

Not only that, I’ve barely spent enough time conscious to get anything productive done. Seriously, these past to weeks of been a blur of sleep and work. I’ve also been fretting about moving house, which has been a process that has dragged out for months longer than I had expected it to, which is also playing on my mind. It’s a bit of a chaotic time right now to tell the truth.

So, my apologies for this dud week. I will try to get a mob psycho review up on Thursday, failing that I’ll just post it on Friday and start next week fresh. Sorry again everyone.

The Dangers of Blogging too Broadly

When I very first started writing, my initial focus was video games, back in 2009 when I was a naive print journalism student and I started blogging on Tumblr. Wow… that means in May, I’ll have been blogging in various places for 10 years… I should probably do something for that…

The look I rocked 10 years ago, back when I was just starting my blogging journey

It was a simpler time, when I would use my blog to pose questions such as: Who would win in a fight, the Incredible Hulk, or the Incredible Hulk’s weight in bees… Back then, I had it in my mind that I wanted to become a video game journalist. Little did I know that genuine journalism in video games is actually very rare.

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My Tenuous Current Upload Schedule

I’ve often shied away from setting a real concrete upload schedule. It’s a continuation of that mental block I spoke about when I talked about New Year’s Resolutions last week. I almost feel like, by committing to something, you’re setting yourself up to fail. It’s just one more hump I need to get over. I’ve been writing for this blog on a pretty consistent basis for over a year now, I should probably stop feeling like I’m on the verge of messing it up all the time.

Plus, these last few weeks, I have found myself settling into something of a schedule when it comes to my uploads. So there’s really no harm in sharing it on here, on a post very few people will see…

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