I took a week off, now I ramble about breaks from blogging

As I’m sure nobody has notice, I didn’t post anything this past week. There are a couple of reasons for this. The tail end of the week was mostly due to the fact that I was suffering from a bout of self inflicted food poisoning, which knocked me on my ass for a for 2.5 days. The first half of the week though. It simply came down to a lack of enthusiasm.

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Looking back at my 10 years of blogging

Guys, I’m old. A realisation I make on an increasingly regualr basis these days. This particular trauma was brought on during some research into my older writings. Going back to my very first online presence; a Tumblr Blog of yore. And the very first, absentminded post I made on that blog popped up in May of 2009, nearly ten years to the day in fact from when this has been posted.

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Slowing things down for a little while

There’s a chance that some of you might have noticed that I took last week off. Well, the reason for this is that, after almost six months of frustration and strife I am finally moving into my first home. Things have been a whirlwind of activity, and as a consequence, some part of my life have suffered, namely my blog.

As I finally get the keys next week and start to move my entire life nine miles up the road, things are going to be a little chaotic, so I’m doing the responsible thing and preemptively justifying my lack of activity as I settle into a new life.

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