Looking back at my 10 years of blogging

Guys, I’m old. A realisation I make on an increasingly regualr basis these days. This particular trauma was brought on during some research into my older writings. Going back to my very first online presence; a Tumblr Blog of yore. And the very first, absentminded post I made on that blog popped up in May of 2009, nearly ten years to the day in fact from when this has been posted.

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I’m back in (blogging) business

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me, during which I’m amazed I even managed to update as often as I did. But after close to a year of talking about it and waiting, then waiting some more and then even more waiting, I have finally moved into my first home.

I’ve been here a couple of weeks now, but my access to the basic amenities of my online focused life have been limited at best. Only now, within the last hour of writing this do I feel like I’m regaining some semblance of normalcy within my approximation of adult life.

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The Trap of Becoming a Reactionary Blogger – My Struggles with Inspiration

In my years writing online in various forms, I go through a familiar cycle of behavour. One that begins with passion, an urge to do something creative, something different and to say something worth saying. From there, I eventually use up all my great ideas and start to struggle for inspiration. When I eventually start to feel like I’m writing out of obligation rather than because I want to, I end up falling off the wagon.

Thankfully, since January of 2018, I have managed to stay clean and keep up writing on a regular basis without taking another extended break. In fact, I have managed to increase my output to levels I’ve not managed to do since I was running a news site with a few friends years ago.

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