The Five Best Forgotten Mechanics of the Pokemon Games

People like to think Pokemon are simple little games for simple minded children, games that stay relatively the same throughout each of their iterations. When in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. The Pokemon games are jam packed with so many dense game mechanics that it would make your head spin.

You’d be surprised at how many features end up being thrown to the wayside as newer games come out on newer technology. Whether they be one time experiments, or mechanics that evolved and were replaced with something else. I like to talk about my hopes for the future of the Pokemon franchise a lot on here. But today I thought it would be fun to go back and list the best lost mechanics from the Pokemon main line franchise.

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Five nit-picky problems with Red Dead Redemption 2

It feels par the course that I go and complain about the thing that everyone else in the world loves right now. I don’t see myself a the ultra negative internet type person who just criticises everything for attention.

But I’ve got nothing else to talk about right now seeing as all I’m doing is playing Red Dead Redemption 2… Plus, I’m nowhere near close enough to the ending of the game, so I can’t realistically be expected to give a full review of it at this point in time. So what else is there to do than pick five things about the game that annoy me slightly in what is, otherwise, a brilliantly made game.

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10 Costumes I would have liked to have been in Marvel’s Spider-Man

I only just finished Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it’s already become one of my favourite games of the year. It’s faithfulness to, not just the original source material, but so many other aspects of the franchise is one of the many things that made me love the game.

This is no more prevalent than in the collection of costumes available to unlock and use throughout the game. Not just that, but this is the best these suits have ever looked by far. Using the photo mode, it’s possible to see a level of detail to lesser known costumes such as the Scarlet Spider outfit that I never knew was possible.

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