It’s a Blog Tag! – Favourite 4 Isekai Anime

It’s been a while since I was tagged in anything like this. In fact it feels like blog tags have gone out of fashion a little in the particular corner of the internet I exist in. Not to take a jab at the extremely cool and fashionable Roki/Mallow of Solitarycubbyhole.wordpress, who has been gracious enough to tag me in one of his top four lists.

Something I’m very flattered about. Even if it’s talking about Isekai. Oof.

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All Isekai needs to start like The Faraway Paladin

Anyone following my personal story arc on here will know I am not the biggest fan of Isekai. The latest twist in the tale being me trying not to lump all Isekai in the same basket and learn that it isn’t the concept itself that I have a problem with, but what generally comes along with it.

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What’s with all the video game mechanics in anime?

There’s a lot to be said about the sheer amount of isekai being adapted into anime these past few years. Stories about normal neets/office workers getting bumped into by Truck-Kun and then waking up in a fantasy world. Sometimes with a ridiculous superpower, sometimes without. But almost always being overpowered through some kind of advantage, be it natural or not.

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