Observation – Sometimes a rogue AI just wants a Hug

Observation is a narrative-driven game with some light traversal and logic puzzle elements. A relatively short game with a very cinematic approach to how it tells its story, which I found compelling as hell. Unable to put it down in the evening and morning that it took me to see it all the way through to the end.

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My Thoughts on the Microsoft/Bethesda Acquisition

Last week, in amongst all of the new console news bubbling to the surface regarding both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series X, a different news story managed to steal everyone’s attention away from what would normally be all-consuming for the video game news story. The news that Microsoft have acquired developer/publisher Bethesda, and by proxy all the IPs and studios that fall under their umbrella.

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Spiritfarer – A game that makes me feel like I’m invading someone’s personal story

Spiritfarer is a relaxed video game experience that allows the opportunity to leisurely sail through the oceans of the afterlife, farming, cooking and crafting as they acquire more materials, all wrapped around a very personal set of stories. This is a game that obviously carries some weight with the developers at it deals with the concept of death and coming to terms with no only your loved ones passing on, but your own eventual mortality.

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