Control is a love letter to both conspiracy culture and Remedy themselves

I’m not entirely sure why I have such a reverence for Remedy Entertainment. I don’t have any strong nostalgic connection to Max Payne, Quantum Break was a big old mess and I feel like I probably enjoyed Alan Wake a lot more than most people did. It’s difficult to argue with the fact, though, that Control is probably the best video game to come out of the studio thus far.

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Wooderon Games of the Year 2018: #4

We’re well into the incredibly, very good game territory now, although I’m sure some will probably disagree with that statement in relation to yesterday’s entry. But hey, I think I can allow myself to be blinded by nostalgia at least once per year. Plus, when I gave Sonic Mania number 2 last year, that was backed by the fact that it was a very good game. This year it just so happened to be a purple dragon with a Sonic-like attitude pulling on my nostalgia boner. I don’t think anyone can argue the quality or the value of the final four games on my 2018 list though. Or maybe you can, I don’t know.

Wooderon Games of the Year 2018: #4

By the time I finally finished this one, I ended up having some mixed feelings on certain aspects of it. But, I feel like a lot of that came from my desire to finish the game before these Game of the Year lists, that, plus I wanted to see the ending while avoiding the rampant spoilers in YouTube thumbnails everywhere. I failed in that endeavour.

Let’s recap before we get too far down a rabbit hole though:

#10: Dead Cells

#9: Into the Breach

#8: Dragon Ball FighterZ

#7: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

#6: Forza Horizon 4

#5: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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