Wooderon’s Favourite Video Games of 2020 – #4

Merry Christmas everyone. As I hastily write this intro on the morning of the 25th, I am just chilling out before visiting some family. For literally the only day our government allows people to visit one another over this Christmas period. It kind of sucks. But rules are rules and I would rather not have to suffer another 12 months of 2020’s Pandemic Nightmare. I hope everyone is making the best of the “situation” that this year has presented us with and is staying safe.

It’s a strangely dour Christmas message from me here, but it’s where we are right now.

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Apex Legends’ Season 4 working that hype machine

Respawn have gone from utterly bundling the release and execution of their first seasonal release of content this time last year, to completely and totally nailing it with the release of their 4th season of content. Assimilation and its buildup were an absolute blast, what with their misdirection, their earnest announcement of a new hero “Forge” and with what followed his press conference.

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My Most Important Video Games of the Decade: #15 – #13

Most bloggers and news outlets really jumped the gun with this one. From as early as November, I was seeing all kinds of “X of the Decade” posts popping up. But, surely, if you’re going to rate a bunch of things from within a decade, you should wait until the decade is actually over. Because, y’know, hindsight.

Is that all one big fat piece of self justification, so I don’t feel bad about not writing my own best of the decade list around the same time? It’s certainly possible, but let’s be real, I’d written 20 articles in December listing my favourite video games and anime of just 2010, there was no way I was going to write another list for the decade and feel great about it at the same time.

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