Wooderon’s Favourite Old Video Games of 2021: #7, #6 & #5

Let’s be real; in a lot of ways, this is my real Video Game of the year list for 2021. Or maybe it’s the feeling that 2021 has been something of a dry year for major Video Game releases, combined with the fact that I’ve had limited time, money and access to the new platforms with which to play these new video games.

Thus, I’ve had a lot more enjoyment in playing older games in 2021. Both old favourites and games I never ground around to till this year.

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My Top Ten Video Game Highlights from E3 2021

I know this is incredibly, credibly late. But I’ve been busy… and lacking in motivation… I still wanted to talk about E3 in some capacity this year. Or whatever it was that passed for the “Electronic Entertainment Experience” that happened exclusively online in 2021.

I’m not as “on the pulse” with game development as I used to be, I’m hardly managing to find time/money to play the games I want to play at the moment without worrying about what’s coming out in the next 24 months. But my jaded old bones are still capable of feeling some excitement and there were some games revealed at the event.

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Could a Borderlands movie be better than the video games?

It’s a minor shock to my system every time I remember there is a Borderlands movie being made. And Cate Blanchett is in it?! It’s nuts. Something that lines up pretty nicely with the fact that I have been thinking about Borderlands a lot lately, as I am prone to do at least once a year. This time spurred on by the fact that I am playing through Borderlands 3 again with a friend.

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