Moonglow Bay – A cute, cosy and flawed game about Fish (but not necessarily always chips)

At least once a year, I manage to stumble upon a little indie darling courtesy of Microsoft’s Game Pass. I was kind of worried nothing would get their little claws into me despite my best efforts in 2021. Every time something new is added I always jump in and spend a few minutes seeing what they’re about. It’s not very often a game shows up that I know I’m going to be into right from the moment I put hands on it.

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My Top Ten Video Game Highlights from E3 2021

I know this is incredibly, credibly late. But I’ve been busy… and lacking in motivation… I still wanted to talk about E3 in some capacity this year. Or whatever it was that passed for the “Electronic Entertainment Experience” that happened exclusively online in 2021.

I’m not as “on the pulse” with game development as I used to be, I’m hardly managing to find time/money to play the games I want to play at the moment without worrying about what’s coming out in the next 24 months. But my jaded old bones are still capable of feeling some excitement and there were some games revealed at the event.

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I’m even less convinced I need a new Video Game Console

Back in early August, I wrote a post explaining why I needed to be convinced to buy one of either Sony’s or Microsoft’s new video game consoles on day one, and how they were catastrophically failing to do so. It’s been a couple of months since then and we’ve learned a lot more about both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S.

So, have I changed my tune and decided to go out and buy one of these new consoles as soon as possible? Well, based on the title of this article, you can probably tell that they’re not doing the best job of turning me around.

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