Moonglow Bay – A cute, cosy and flawed game about Fish (but not necessarily always chips)

At least once a year, I manage to stumble upon a little indie darling courtesy of Microsoft’s Game Pass. I was kind of worried nothing would get their little claws into me despite my best efforts in 2021. Every time something new is added I always jump in and spend a few minutes seeing what they’re about. It’s not very often a game shows up that I know I’m going to be into right from the moment I put hands on it.

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My Character Creation Obsession

Over these past few months, I’ve found myself playing a lot of different games. What I hoped would be a new love affair, has turned into little more than brief flirtation and I’ve ended up returning to old reliable titles. It’s the main reason I’ve found myself playing a lot of Fallout 4 these past few weeks. My first play through of the game came from me heavily investing in Intelligence, Charisma and Agility skills, so this time I thought I’d start a new character and try and make something that focused on the other three almost entirely, and I’m having a blast.

It’s doing this that gave me a great reminder into how much I love the character customisation system in the game. In fact, It’s one of the main things that draws me to a lot video games, the titles that provide near limitless combinations of skills that ensures no two people to have the exact same experience. It’s one of my little disappointments when thinking about games like God of War and the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot. As much as I enjoyed those games, their customisation mechanics were not the things that stuck out to me. If anything, they were lacking.

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