West of Dead – The Undead, Cowboy Roguelike

It’s super reductive to review a game simply by comparing it to other games, but sometimes there’s no better way to describe where a game is coming from when it feels like a certain style of game was ingrained into its DNA from the point of conception. I’ll just say this, if you played and enjoyed Dead Cells from 2017, then there is a lot of commonality between it and this game that West of Dead would be worth a look.

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Shantae and the Seven Sirens sure is another Shantae game

There are certain video games that feel familiar, ones that coming back to is like putting on a well worn shoe. While Shantae and the Seven Sirens is only the fifth game in the series, and the third one to come out on home consoles, there is something about its approach, its gameplay that makes it feel like a game you’ve already played a hundred times before.

Whether that’s a good thing or not is completely up to your own interpretation.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Excellence in Excess

I finally finished the Final Fantasy VII remake toward the end of last week. It was a moment I had been dreading, because I have being really enjoying coming back to this total reimagining of the well-loved Playstation game from the late 90s, despite not really having that strong a nostalgic tie to it. But having read a lot of hot takes on Twitter; maybe that’s for the best.

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