How Doom Eternal misses the point

I’ve been trying to catch up on older games from earlier in the year, all in an ineffectual attempt to round out my upcoming best of year that has become an annual tradition/burden on this blog. The problem is that almost all of the games worth talking about are coming out in a final couple of months of the year, barely giving me enough time to look at them.

Not helped by the fact that some of that time has been spent going back and playing games I’ve missed from earlier in the year that’ll probably end up not on the list anyway. Like Doom Eternal for example.

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My First Impressions of – Destiny: Beyond Light

In its current format; a new year of Destiny content is always a strong one. Not only are you getting the new annual “expansion”, you’re also getting the beginning of a new season of content. In essence you’re being given two lumps of stuff for the price of one to occupy yourself with. So after spending the previous two seasons of the game experiencing a slow but steady cooling period with the game, Beyond Light has managed to recapture my attention In the exact same way Shadowkeep did in 2019.

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My Thoughts on Pokemon: Crown Tundra’s barren wasteland

My feelings on the Pokemon franchise really just go up and down like some kind of roller coaster analogy these days. Despite my long history and admiration for Pokémon as a whole, I feel like the franchise itself has not been putting the necessary weight behind its more recent release, especially the main line series. Which is increasingly difficult to excuse when it’s the biggest money making title Nintendo probably has under their umbrella these days. To cut to the heart of the matter right in the opening paragraph; To me: Crown Tundra is very disappointing.

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