My Thoughts on Pokemon: Crown Tundra’s barren wasteland

My feelings on the Pokemon franchise really just go up and down like some kind of roller coaster analogy these days. Despite my long history and admiration for Pokémon as a whole, I feel like the franchise itself has not been putting the necessary weight behind its more recent release, especially the main line series. Which is increasingly difficult to excuse when it’s the biggest money making title Nintendo probably has under their umbrella these days. To cut to the heart of the matter right in the opening paragraph; To me: Crown Tundra is very disappointing.

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Some more things Pokemon could learn from Digimon World: Next Order

When I started comparing Digimon World: Next Order to the Pokemon franchise last week, I had six points I wanted to cover. But in my personal time-worn tradition, I realised I was halfway through my list and the length had already ballooned up once again. They say less is more, but that seems to be a lesson I’ve struggled to take to heart when it comes to my writing.

I finally got my obsessive brain off Digimon World this past week, but that doesn’t mean I’m still not thinking about it. And here’s the fruits of this obsession.

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Will Pokemon ever bring back Mega Evolution?

I don’t know if it’s because I ended up blocking a dozen or so people on Twitter, but it feel like, since the release of Isle of Armor, the heat on the Pokemon franchise has cooled off a little. Those #bringbackthenationaldex people are still there, but I feel like they’re just brainlessly parroting themselves at this point rather than actually thinking they’re getting somewhere with their comment spam.

Rather than just being laser focused on that one issue with the mainline Pokemon games, I’ve started to see the criticism broaden out into a more “normal” series of complaints. In which everyone wants their pet demand fulfilled. One of the most common, and one I can’t disagree with being the return of Mega Evolution.

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