Back 4 Blood: Does it succeed in being the Modern Left 4 Dead?

Like so many other people my age; Left 4 Dead was one of those games you can’t help but think back on with this magical fondness. And like a dragon to be chased and never caught, every time the prospect of it coming back, or something just like it filling that hole seemed like it was happening, there was this sense of longing for a game that really ended up being more than the sum of its parts.

Well, now that dragon has been caught and we can really dig into whether the Left 4 Dead legacy was everything we thought it was. Or if it really was just a time and a place kind of game that grabbed a whole lot of us at the same time.

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My Thoughts on: Metroid Dread and the game’s ending

Metroid is just one more of the examples of why Nintendo is such a peculiar company. Despite the series’s substantial popularity in the west, and it having enough value to be one of the longstanding representatives of a franchise like Super Smash Bros. Nintendo themselves don’t seem to have that much of a vested interest in doing a whole lot with the Metroid franchise. Which I suppose has been something of a mixed blessing for the storied, yet spaced out adventures of Samus Aran.

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