Two Point Hospital – The game that ends up playing itself

For all of us, there are video games out there that just kick you right in the nostalgia. Games that you think back on fondly that take you back to certain time in your life, and some decent portion of these games are ones you should never actually go back and play. Now I’m not going to say Theme Hospital doesn’t hold up or anything, but some games are very much of a time and being dragged into the stark daylight of the modern age isn’t always flattering.

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Game Pass: The Gift that keeps on Giving – Indivisible

It’s increasingly rare that a video game I know next to nothing about will just pop out of nowhere and steal a few weeks of my life away from me. That’s probably a good thing considering how bad I’ve become at keeping a schedule on this website. But thanks to Xbox Game Pass; the gift that keeps on giving, I stumbled upon a game from Lab Zero Games that grabbed me up and kept my interest: Indivisible.

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Sword & Shield’s Pokemon League is a big missed opportunity

Starting to write about the new Pokemon game feels starting to chip away at an iceberg. Especially this one, with so much drama surrounding the game… with varying degrees of justification. It’s kind of daunting to write something about the game without it being contextualised by that drama.

I’ve just seen the credits roll after “finishing” Pokemon Shield. So based on that time with the game, I actually feel qualified to comment on some of it’s strengths and shortcomings now. I’m not sure how many more posts I’m going to write about the game in the coming weeks, but for now I want to dig into an aspect of the game I felt was a great change I wish they’d invested more time into.

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