Ghosts of Tsushima is aggressively uninteresting, I give up

That’s it, I give up. I can’t keep banging my head against this game anymore. Not to bring down the mood, but despite my best efforts, this game has broken me, and honestly I shouldn’t be that surprised. Ghosts of Tsushima is a video game that encapsulated pretty much all of my problems with modern triple A video game development. And to at least recoup some of the money and time I dumped into this game, I’ll blog about it.

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Spiritfarer – A game that makes me feel like I’m invading someone’s personal story

Spiritfarer is a relaxed video game experience that allows the opportunity to leisurely sail through the oceans of the afterlife, farming, cooking and crafting as they acquire more materials, all wrapped around a very personal set of stories. This is a game that obviously carries some weight with the developers at it deals with the concept of death and coming to terms with no only your loved ones passing on, but your own eventual mortality.

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West of Dead – The Undead, Cowboy Roguelike

It’s super reductive to review a game simply by comparing it to other games, but sometimes there’s no better way to describe where a game is coming from when it feels like a certain style of game was ingrained into its DNA from the point of conception. I’ll just say this, if you played and enjoyed Dead Cells from 2017, then there is a lot of commonality between it and this game that West of Dead would be worth a look.

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