Is the streamlining of Monster Hunter a good thing?

I’ve been struggling to find the time to write for my blog again these past couple of weeks. And Monster Hunter Rise has been one of the primary culprits, as a long time fan of the franchise, I have been more sensitive to the changes and alterations the franchise has gone through than most. While there’s no doubt that I am happy with a lot of the changes made to World and how it helped the franchise really hit in the West, I also see the continuation of that trend in Rise and find myself worrying about the direction the franchise is going.

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Little Nightmares II – A quick solution for your horror fix

I’m going to coin a term right now: Little Nightmares II is another entry in the genre of game I like to call the CreePlatformer. A 2D light puzzle platformer where the majority of the experience is driven by the setting and the atmosphere rather than the gameplay. It might seem like I’m selling the game a bit short… but I’ll get into it as this post goes on.

In the same vein as games from Playdead (Limbo and Inside), the Little Nightmares franchise is a very striking video game to look at, carried almost entirely by its visual design and incredibly effective sense of horror.

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Hades – The much needed Narrative Roguelike

Sometimes, there are these games that I hear everyone talking about for weeks or months nonstop. Games that I should be desperate to get my hands on. Yet, for some reason I don’t, I sit on my hands and only pick them up much later.

It was around the time I was compiling and writing my top ten video games of 2020 list that I became very aware that I’d made a big mistake by not playing Hades. Despite having every opportunity to realise that I was missing out on something great. Because Hades is great.

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