The Unpopular Opinions Film and TV Tag (East vs West Edition)

I feel kind of bad, I essentially inserted myself into the nominations when Pinkie of Pinkie’s Paradise covered this tag last week and it’s taken me this long to actually write mine in response. Maybe it hasn’t actually been that ling, but it feels like it.

The premise of this tag is to answer a bunch of questions regarding what I perceive to be an unpopular opinion. I found this tag pretty interesting conceptually for a couple of reasons. First off; there’s something weirdly appealing about watching people bucking the mainstream and having these unusual opinions on things most people see as a subjective truth.

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New Seasons, New Hopes. CW’s Arrow and Flash

Superheroes are on television as much as they are in the cinema now, with new seasons of shows based on both Marvel and DC properties right around the corner. There are a lot of hopes and expectations on them to keep up the momentum of the previous series (The Flash, Agents of Shield) or to make up for past mistakes. (Arrow.)

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