Wooderon’s 10 Favourite Anime Openings and Endings of 2021

I did this last year and people seemed to get a kick out of it. So why not ride my own coattails and try it again. I don’t pretend to know much about music, I like what I like and I’m content to quietly enjoy it. So I’m not claiming to be any expert on this subject, but regardless the opening to an anime can be a super important part of the experience..

So I wanted to spend some time shouting them out and giving them some love.

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2021 Summer Anime Season Roundup

Yeesh. I really kind of feel I like crapped the bed this anime season. In that I just fell off so many of the shows that I seemed to feel like I was pretty interested in based on my Three Episode Rule series. I guess I shouldn’t feel married to the verdicts I arrive at after the first three episodes, but I feel kind of bad when I end up falling off a series immediately after posting the 3ER of it on here.

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Let’s talk about that first chunk of the Shaman King Remake

I found myself coming to this anime for a number of different reasons. I’d be lying it said some big part of it was due to it being denied to me for multiple months thanks to Netflix’s strange and staunch stance on how they put out their content. The wardens at the streaming site have decided it’s time for us to get a first taste of this series, which is what I’m covering here on this post today.

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