2021 Summer Anime Season Roundup

Yeesh. I really kind of feel I like crapped the bed this anime season. In that I just fell off so many of the shows that I seemed to feel like I was pretty interested in based on my Three Episode Rule series. I guess I shouldn’t feel married to the verdicts I arrive at after the first three episodes, but I feel kind of bad when I end up falling off a series immediately after posting the 3ER of it on here.

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Peach Boy Riverside – Non-linear storytelling: Can I finish a thought?

Right from the beginning, something kind of bugged me about Peach Boy Riverside. After the initial couple of episodes, I noticed it started jumping around in time pretty drastically, skipping over the aftermath of pretty large cliff-hangers and not seeming to address them at all. Then I realised that we were starting to jump backwards in time with no real explanation and realised I had to start digging into this.

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3 Episode Rule – Peach Boy Riverside

I had a bit of a difficult time picking out shows to watch this season. In the past I would have just gone onto my streaming subs and just pick a handful of shows that caught my eye. This past few seasons I’ve started to be a little bit more discerning and doing a little research on what’s coming up. Which kind of feels like it’s missing the point of this whole blog series.

Either way, nobody is really raving about any of the original series airing this Summer Season. So I feel like it’s down to my own questionable taste to actually dig through this mountain of Isekai and find something actually worth keeping up with.

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