Let’s talk about that first chunk of the Shaman King Remake

I found myself coming to this anime for a number of different reasons. I’d be lying it said some big part of it was due to it being denied to me for multiple months thanks to Netflix’s strange and staunch stance on how they put out their content. The wardens at the streaming site have decided it’s time for us to get a first taste of this series, which is what I’m covering here on this post today.

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Beastars and being hungry on main

I recently went back and watched through the first season of Beastars in an evening and the following morning. It was a series I’d heard a lot about as it was airing, but it took me till just now to get around to it. Maybe it was because I binged through the whole show in such a short time, but it ended up making me think a little more deeply into the meaning behind the series that I have the energy do do these days.

Making me wonder what it was that Beastars was actually trying to say beyond what is was presenting at surface value.

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