Five potential Star Wars Movies I’d want to see

Are we past Rise of Skywalker yet? I haven’t gone back and watched it a second time yet, I’m not sure I even want to at this point. Despite the fact that Disney really screwed the pooch with the final part of their sequel trilogy, there has been no shortage of new Star Wars content for me to get excited about, as you’ve probably seen through my ongoing mission to review every episode of the Clone Wars T.V. series in chronological order.

But what of the movies? I guess Disney are going to take a little bit of a break and let the heat die down before they go back to them. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t got plans bubbling over for the future. I mean, they’re saying Taika Waititi is lined up to direct one of the upcoming Star Wars movies, which’ll be very interesting and different.

That’s the thing about the Star War world though, it’s so broad and casts such a wide reach that you could place almost any kind of movie into it and it’d work perfectly. Look at the different genres and directions the Clone Wars have made homages to and made them work; Submarine movies, spy thrillers, samurai movies, kaiju movies and zombie horror. And that’s just the first few seasons.

Five potential Star Wars Movies I'd want to see

While I might not be reaching that far in the following list, there are a bunch of potential movies I’d love to see in the the future if Disney can stop being so precious about their movie franchise and let directors and writers pitch something a little different. So, for you consideration, here are five potential Star Wars movies I’d like to see:


A Sith Story

I’ve wanted to see the Old Republic make its way into mainstream Star Wars media since Disney took over and started making all these spin off movies and television shows. When the old canon was balled up and relegated into the “Legends” category on Wookieepedia, the Old Republic era found itself in a sort of limbo. Y’see, nothing in it contradicts the newer content they’re doing, what with it taking place 4000 years before the movies, not to mention the fact that the Old Republic MMO is still active.

The closest thing that the new canon is getting to that are the High Republic book series, set 200-something years before the movies. (Which kicks off next January, which I’m excited for.)

Five potential Star Wars Movies I'd want to see

I’m kind of getting away from the point here, I’d like to see a movie from the perspective of the Sith, the old Sith, when they were an Empire. The most obvious stories being that of Darth Bane and his establishment of the Rule of Two (if that’s even still canon) or Revan and his story from the Knights of the Old Republic games, but they could even just go for something totally original. It would make for a great “shades of grey” kind of story where our protagonist is more of an anti-hero and the dark side of the force is more of a matter of life than something to be afraid of.


Force Unleashed movie

I’ll continue to bang this drum. I felt like the story of Galen Marek; Darth Vader’s secret apprentice would have made a great movie. That being said, in the current state of the Star Wars canon, I don’t think this is ever liable to happen. Ahsoka Tano has taken the role of the Anakin apprentice at odds with her master, and I’ll put my hands up and say I haven’t seen Star Wars: Rebels, a lot of which probably directly contradicts many of the events of the video game.

That being said, Disney have been pretty amendment they were going to forge their own path with their new canon and have very rarely taken from the old lore, the only exception I can think of being the Chiss Admiral Thrawn. Which probably isn’t the worst thing. If anything the story of Ahsoka is probably more more interesting anyway, and one I’m looking forward to see unfold as I work my way through the series.

Five potential Star Wars Movies I'd want to see


Finn’s Story

One of my favourite things about Rise of Skywalker were the subtle hints throughout that Finn was force sensitive. While I have no idea what Disney plan to do with the continuation of their story in a post RoS world, I really hope they move in a direction of rebuilding the Jedi as some kind of nomadic order. I don’t think we need to have three more movies of the Jedi being some extinct legend, nor do we need to jump back into the days of the prequels where they’re an organised body.

Instead, I’d like to see them grow into a group of nomadic peacekeepers, like the Ronin of Japanese culture. But I do want to see them as a group again. I want to see the Jedi be reborn, but as something totally different than we’ve seen before. And there’s no better way of establishing these new breed of Jedi than to have a story following Finn as he awakens his powers and becomes one of the new breed of Jedi.

Maybe self taught, maybe through Jedi holocrons or a force Ghost of Mace Windu or something, I dunno. They should also probably make that relationship between him and Poe canon, but they won’t because they’re too cowardly.

Five potential Star Wars Movies I'd want to see


Young Qui Gon Jinn movie

I drafted this idea before I started reading the canon novel Master & Apprentice; a novel set some years before The Phantom Menace telling a story of Qui Gon Jinn and his 17 year old apprentice Obi Wan Kenobi. Littered throughout this book, there are a number of flashbacks actually detailing Qui Gon’s years as an apprentice to Dooku, which makes this ground already trodden and less likely to be seen as a movie at this point.

But I’ll expand this idea out in that case. We’ve got so many stories already set rigidly between the nine episodic entries in the Star Wars canon, like with my Sith idea, I’d like to see some stories set outside of that time scale. Give us another story following characters prior to the events of Episode I. If the High Republic book series does turn out to be successful, maybe those characters will get their own movie or television series eventually.

Although the more I write here the more I’m feeling this is increasingly wishful thinking.

Five potential Star Wars Movies I'd want to see


Coruscant Nights

To those who might not know, there was a trilogy of novels in the days of the old canon called Coruscant Nights. They were the stories of Jax Pavan, a Jedi Knight who escapes order 66 and was living in the deep slums of Coruscant as a Private Investigator, concealing his Jedi nature and helping people wherever he could.

They were a cool series that took a lot of inspiration from the detective noir genre. They were dirty, they were gritty and combined two genres I enjoy very much into a single story. While I’m not saying this idea needs to be directly lifted from this book series, I would very much like the idea and spirit of it to find its way into a movie.


A Cyberpunk or Neo-Noir detective story set in the Star Wars universe, maybe not even set on Coruscant. Maybe on the Ring of Kafrene or Nar Shaddaa (which is still amazes me that Nar Shaddaa has yet to appear in the new canon outside of comic books and the novels.). Star Wars is a framework more than a setting, which has really been the gist of this entire series of movie ideas.

Five potential Star Wars Movies I'd want to see

You can tell literally any kind of story and It’d fit into the Star Wars lore, it’s one of the things that has made me care so deeply about the setting and its lore. This list is mostly me just spitballing ideas I’d like to see, but if anyone else out there has any cool ideas I’d welcome you to share them. I’ve found myself with a reinvigorated passion for Star Wars since watching the Mandalorian and Clone Wars and would love the discussion.

8 thoughts on “Five potential Star Wars Movies I’d want to see

  1. Some nice picks there I would love a Revan movie , Young Qui Gon or Coruscant Nights.

    Another Story I would really love to see is the Journey of Exar Kun such an amazing character.

    A bit stranger but the orgins of Abeloth or a story surrounding it would be amazing. It could bring some Lovecraftian elements to the universe.

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    1. Wasn’t the Abeloth origin kind of covered in a multiparter in the Clone Wars? The one with the “son” and the “father”?

      Or I’m totally misremembering, I’m not that far yet in my Clone Wars rewatch.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think so, but I still want a full on movie! I cant remember very well either, so thats reason enough for a movie still!


  2. Revan just got back into Cannon though. There’s a fleet named after him in that last movie although it’s only in the artbook. If they did anything in that era it would have to be a show. As they would Have to give us the Madolorian Wars to do it justice.

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    1. I’d 100% love an Old Republic era tv series, but let’s be honest, putting movies in the title is going to get me more clicks. Haha.

      Does the book directly reference Revan? Because I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s back in canon just from a ship name. It’d just be a Easter egg otherwise.

      I mean they’ve been chucking the Starkiller name here, there and everywhere for years as a simple nod to that original draft name for Luke.

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