WandaVision – The most unlikely gateway into the MCU

The MCU is all upside-down and inside out at the moment. Both within it’s ongoing story and outside of it. As the original plan was for both Black Widow and Falcon and Winter Soldier to come out before WandaVision. But Covid went and flipped everything around, thus WandaVision became the first entry in a particularly packed Phase 4 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All this changing around kind of goes hand in hand with the reality-bending mind-WTFery of Wanda Maximoff and what she gets up to throughout this series. A series I am super shocked to hear about a large number of people in my social circle enjoying, despite the fact that they traditionally couldn’t give two craps about the MCU.

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Is it too late to introduce Mutants into the MCU?

Now that Wandavision is underway, we’re beginning our time in phase 4. Which I like to think of as the beginning of the second saga in the MCU. With the ending of Thanos in Endgame and its following epilogue in the second Spider-Man movie, the franchise is taking a different approach going forward, integrating a lot of its new characters and events into television series.

Although it might just appear that way to me due to the movie industry all but being on hold due to the ongoing global pandemic.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 32: Deep Cover Kenobi (Part 2)

It feels like a million years ago I last watched these episodes. I’m not sure I’m really happy about having to split these four-parts storylines into multiple parts. I feel like I lose the train of the story between entires. The problem really is that I know for a fact that I’ll end up writing a 2500 word post every Monday if I end up talking about all four episodes in one go. But it seems like that’s how all of them are going to be working going forward.

Maybe I’ll just try it out for the next one and see how it ends up killing me or not. Anyway, I have a storyline to finish.

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