Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 11: Well, Excuse me, Princess!

We arrive at the half way point of the first season and feel like things are ticking over at a decent pace as well. It’s weird though, throughout my time watching this series I’ve felt that Rebels might have been building in a particular direction. With the events of one of these episodes it seems like the show has decided to throw its arms up and just cancel one of their storylines before it got going.

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Marvel’s Eternals: Great Lore; Weak Characters

The further we get away from Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, the more I retroactively find myself to be disappointed with it. It was a movie that started off very strong, with that martial arts fight aboard a San Francisco bus and ended up as just another one of those messy action sequences where almost everything happening was CGI. Plus, with how good the series have been on Disney Plus, by comparison, the movies I’ve seen this year have been a little underwhelming.

Is that also the case for the latest MCU release: Eternals…

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Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 10: Just like the old days

So yeah, last week’s episodes were a little bit of a let-down for me. Despite my own best efforts to enjoy them seeing as how they prominently featured the most attention-starved characters in the series. So, if these week’s episodes; which go back to focusing on Kanan and Ezra were a lot better, would it be mildly painful for me to admit that as a real shortcoming of this series?

Urgh… yes. These are better…

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