Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 18: Queue the Chiss Ascendency

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. When we left off the last time, Ahsoka has fought Darth Vader and finally accepted he and Anakin Skywalker were one and the same. It’s a fight a wounded Vader walked away from, although Ahsoka’s fate is left a little more ambiguous. Although, we know from her life action appearances that she’s fine.

Not only that, Maul has returned and been thrown back into the mix. Having a massive impact as soon as he showed his red and black face; wounding Kanan and permanently blinding him, as well as giving Ezra a taste of the dark side. With the second series ending on a very ominous note with Ezra seemingly activating the Sith holocron they recovered from the temple on Malachor.

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