Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 6: Bloody Pirates!

I’m starting to grow a little bit concerned that these posts are just going to get longer and longer as I get deeper into them. It’s why I’m glad I’ve got a little bit of a breather for this one with only two episodes to talk about rather than three. It all just depends on how these multi-part storylines play out.

This time I’m talking about episodes 11 and 12 of the first series, dealing with a great “enemy of my enemy” type situation. Before we get into that though, if you want to go back and catch up with the episodes I’ve covered so far, then here is the archive of what I’ve already covered.

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Battlefront II is almost good old EU

When It was announced to the world that Disney was making a high profile business acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, and would be making more movies to follow on Return of the Jedi, with a spin-off movie every other year, meaning we’d be getting a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time. Well, needless to say, people were excited. I actually experenced hype overload and started to resent the franchise. But that’s because I’m a giant petty child.

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