Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 20: ‘Greetins ‘Greetins!

You know what Star Wars has in spades? Good villains. You know what Rebels has really struggled to accomplish in my mind? Make its villains seem even remotely competent. Which is an impressive, making Darth Vader look like a fool on multiple occasions. Even more so when Kanan and Ezra hardly seem to have a brain cell between them most days.

Rebels has really missed an actually dangerous and threatening villain. It feels like season three is the one season that is trying to rectify that.

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The Mandalorian Season 2 Review – Episode 5: The Jedi

While there have been no bad episode of the Mandalorian this second season, there has certainly been a trend of a very exciting episode being following by a good, but not amazing one. “The Jedi” certainly continues that trend by being one of the best episodes of the show in its entirety so far. Reintroducing a much anticipated character into the show while also giving us some genuine backstory the Baby Yoda himself.

Which means that might be the last time I playfully refer to “The Child” as Baby Yoda.

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